Feeling Grateful on My Birthday

Birthdays, to count the number of Earth days we are so blessed to enjoy. A precious gift are these days looking into the sweetest smiles of babies, little girls. Birthday presents, one for her, one for her, one for me. After she so thoughtfully chooses her present to me, sunglasses, she knows mine broke, we get ice cream, pick up a baby cake and some groceries, and they both fall asleep on the way home, sleepy and sweaty from this Costa Rican heat. We pass a motorcyclist who lay motionless on the side of the road, police have just arrived on the scene, his bike lay in the middle of the curvy mountain road. My eyes fill with tears, I pray for the light of angels to surround him, I hope he is alive. I pull up to my house, I keep the car running and unload the bags, and then I scoop up both of my girls into my arms. They stay sound asleep. I am so damn grateful that I get to be the one to do this, I almost cry from sheer gratitude. I remember a time when this would make me feel mad at Mitch for not being here to help me, or sorry for myself, but now I know what a gift this is to be here, to be the one to hold them. I hug them with enough love from the both of us, both me and Mitch. Sushi for my birthday tonight, me and my girls, my daughter is so excited for me to wear my new dress from grandma Thank you for the love, so grateful for my dear friends and family that lift me up in Spirit.