I moved! What is your relationship to movement?

What is your relationship to movement? When I say movement, I can mean one of several things depending on what is present for you now... Movement for me as of lately has meant physically moving houses in order to free up some stagnant energy, literally calling in the air element to help bring more fluidity, more freedom into my life, as I knew it was time to move, but I had some fears about making the change. So, I got to the root. Acknowledgement of the fears, the stagnancy so that I could move through them, so they could move through me, to free me to make the necessary changes in my life. So, the root, well, the one that resonated for me was that my relationship to moving houses had been accompanied by stress and a feeling of powerlessness for the last ten years of my life. I was married to a man that loved movement, change, fluidity, and so for better or for worse, we were moving all the time, more than ten times in ten years! And seeing as I am a taurus, a very Earthy sign and person, this caused quite a bit of disharmony for me. And so in getting to the root, I was able to able to see that although moving in the past had been accompanied by feelings of powerlessness and stress, currently, not moving was creating feelings of powerlessness and stress. And so by acknowledging my feelings, they were able to pass through me, freeing the stagnant energy in my body and in my life, and I moved! I moved to a beautiful eco yoga lodge, and I love it! And my babies love it too!

What is your relationship to movement? Is your current environment serving you? Do you feel at home in your home? Is it time to move, or perhaps time to create and free more space in your current home through feng shui or movement of furniture or clutter? Or perhaps just explore your relationship to moving your body, what is that like? Do you find receptivity to exercise, to expressive movement, or do you find resistance, restriction?

Here is a link to exercise #2: Authentic Movement, where you can explore your relationship to moving your body. http://www.lunasoulspeak.com/inviteillumination/ password: inviteillumination

Enjoy and get moving!