So, why meditate?

Meditation, so what’s it really about anyway?! Ok, when it comes down to it, it’s about learning how to bring your WHOLE self into all you do. It’s about learning how to be present- through deep breathing, through awareness of how it is you’re feeling, what it is you’re thinking, and how it is you’re feeling in your body, but also connecting to that part of yourself that is a witness to your experience- that part of you that is peaceful, that part of you that is wise, and that part of you that is loving.


And so meditation is about cultivating that part of yourself that is loving, wise, and peaceful, and also about staying connected to your earthly experience.


And so why are so many of us feeling so disconnected from ourselves and from our inner-calm? Because we live in a time when there’s a million and one things to distract us- our attention is all over the place. We can be in car line at school picking up our kid, and simultaneously have a text conversation with a friend in Europe, receive a snippety email from our mother-in-law, have a quick chat with our hubby, and wonder why our FB post didn’t receive as many likes as we’d anticipated… That’s a lot. We’re constantly processing SO much information, and we’re running around from place to place, dropping one kid off, picking another kid up, racing from one activity to the next...


Meditation is about learning how to focus our attention on one thing at a time- our breathing, being with our kid, cooking dinner- one thing at a time. Being present. And in that presence, we can practice cultivating the qualities of the heart, such as love, peace, and joy, that make for a truly fulfilling and ever-evolving existence.


And so, meditation is all about bringing your WHOLE self into all that you do. Being present.


If you’re local, Join me on Sundays at 6:15 at Yoga+Bergamot to practice the art of mindfulness, reflect and creatively express yourself through journaling, and cultivate the beautiful qualities of the heart. And if you’re not local, check out what kinds of meditation groups are happening in your community.


And just a reminder if you’re local, I’ve got mothers & daughters workshop series that starts May 27th, a yoga & meditation workshop on May 28th, and a half day yoga, meditation, sound bath healing, & Thai Massage retreat on June 24th!


And if you’re not local, I’ve got a 7-day online course coming up that I’ll be offering soon!


Much love and patience with yourself on the path!