Time to Fly! A New Adventure.

I’ve been dreaming of moving to the Pacific Northwest for years, and I’ve been searching for the right place and the right time to make my move. And that’s what my road trip to the San Juan Islands (off the coast of Seattle was about); checking the dream with reality. Weeks before my trip, my friend living on the islands sent me a job opening at a holistic school for kids. It was the school I’d been dreaming of for my own girls! Within an hour, I had written a cover letter, updated my resume, and emailed the director! I got an interview, and it aligned perfectly with our roadtrip!

Fast forward to the interview… I fell in love with the school, and my girls did too! I got offered the job as a teaching assistant and specials teacher (teaching mindfulness and all things of the heart)! I accepted the job!

We flew home to prepare for the move and to spend time with friends and family. And thankfully, I found a sweet little house for me and the girls on the beach, and we make our move on August 25th!

Over the course of the last 4 1/2 years, my beloved husband, Mitch died, I moved to Costa Rica with my daughter and birthed our second daughter, returned to San Diego with my girls and moved in with my mom, got engaged to an amazing man and then parted ways, and now am ready to fly again with my girls- this time to the islands off the coast of Washington!

I am forever grateful for the time spent in San Diego with my mom, surrounded by supportive friends and family. I did much healing during these past 3 years. Thank you San Diego for all the LOVE!

Catch my last San Diego workshop with Karen Wiggins, with live music from DTO! The workshop is called, Embrace Change and Celebrate New Beginnings! Yoga, meditation, and journaling! I hope you can come!

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