Time, time, time

Time, as time passes, my heart heals yes, but as time passes, the heavy hand of finality sets in, time begs for a sort of acceptance, or I find myself racing against it, bound to lose, because time keeps moving, as fast or as slow as I please. Time, it was his time, his soul chose this time to leave, this time to be born, and we are just a little out of sync with our timing it seems... Time passes, he wants to go fast, I want to go slow, we slow down the clock so I can rest, he slows down and he lays down to rest, yes, but time was unforgiving, because it was his time and not mine, and so I accept this time and hope that next time we last the whole time, together. Knowing that it was his souls time, and now this feels like my second time, I better make it count. Slowly.  So I meditate, I heal in my own time, make peace with my time that's left until next time.