Creating reminders of Spirit within our homes

We can create sacred space within our own homes to remind us of Spirit, peace, compassion, love, our connection to divine guidance, and our inner-light... You can use objects, pictures, or symbols that have special significance for you, that remind you of your spiritual connection to the divine.

I create reminders of my guiding light in each room of my house. On my kitchen table sits my favorite photo of Mitch where he looks like an angel, the lighting is just right, and he is looking into the lens with eyes of compassion, peace, and pure love... and beside that photo is a small vase of flowers, a small statue of buddha, and a small picture of Paramahamsa Yogananda, a spiritual teacher.

In each bathroom, hanging from the top of each mirror are inspirational charms that read, “walk in faith,” and “free as a bird.” I pulled these out of a fish bowl of charms in a boutique outside of the funeral home where I saw Mitch for the last time, and they remind me of the divine guidance that is available to me at all times, and of what is truly important.

In my bedroom, I have an altar set up where I have crystals, a deck of tarot cards, angel cards, and words of wisdom from the Sufi poet Rumi, a small statue of Buddha, a small bundle of sage, a wood caving of two lovers, candles, and a necklace given to me from my mom.

 In my car, around the rearview mirror hangs a cross with a picture of Jesus that was given to me when I bought the car.

And, in Ava's bedroom, magical glittery butterflies hang alongside the window pain, a small dvd player with a CD of nature sounds to lull her to sleep sits on a shelf along with a family photo, a book about angels sits beside her bed, and an inspirational art piece hangs on the wall.