What started as a Matisse...

Me and the girls got to finish a painting Mitch started over five years ago. What began as a rendition of a Matisse evolved into a co-created family painting. It was just sitting on the floor in my bedroom, propped up against my wall, in limbo… And then all of a sudden the idea came to me that me and the girls could finish it, we could co-create with Mitch, with what he had started all those years before.

And so this morning, we did just that. We propped the half finished painting on the art easel in the backyard, and each added our own creative touch. Alchemy at it’s finest.

There were times when I wanted to hold back the outpouring of paint on the canvas as the two little ones had at it, but then I thought, you know what, I better just let them be as free as they please with this process. It was not about perfection, it was not about that at all, it was something much bigger than that. And it was not about holding onto what it was. Something new and beautiful was emerging from something that was still unfinished in its original form. Alchemy. And I felt different, I felt freer.

Journal Prompting:

What in your life can be transformed today? How can you co-create and collaborate with others to change something that was, into something that is? What can be up-cycled in your home today that would bring a bright new energy into your environment?