Yoga-ing around the house

Seeing yoga in a completely different light today... After I put little ones down for their nap, I decided self-love was what I needed to turn my day around, I decided yesterday that when I felt “off,” I would do nothing other than connect to my Spirit and the Spirit all around me. And so, I began a yoga practice unlike any other I've engaged in before. My yoga practice consisted of feeling into my body, stretching, breathing, and flowing as I did my chores around the house... the washing of the dishes, the laundry, the sweeping, the picking up of things on the floor... each movement, deliberate, conscious, a pose to hold, to move through as I “worked” and yoga'ed throughout my house. And then it just felt so darn good that after I finished the tending of the house, I went into a full blown practice, but a deeply inspired one. And as I practiced, I had the idea, or the realization that as I stretched my muscles through each pose, strengthening and lengthening, burning excess fat in the process, I thought about what it really meant to dedicate the practice to a person, or persons... As I imagined the crown of my head opening, and receiving the energy of our divine source entering in through this chakra, I imagined it flowing throughout my body, my breath and each pose directing it where it was needed most, dissolving clustered energy, each breath of this prana, or life force energy freeing my body to feel, to move, to be, more easily. I imagined this energy dissolving, burning, and flowing right out the tips of my fingers and the four corners of my feet, and then I understood what it meant to dedicate my practice to another, and visualized this loving, life force energy moving toward someone else in need. It was a deeply moving practice. As you engage in your regular routines around your home, try slowing down and feeling into your body as you move, stretching, strengthening, deliberately breathing, you will be surprised at how your body knows exactly how it needs to move in order to release excess energy stored as tension or pain. And as you focus on deliberate cleansing breaths, feeling into your body, stretching, and strengthening, your mind will calm, and you will open yourself up to fresh ideas, inspiration, and creativity. How can you live a more intentional life this week?