Messages from the divine

Twice while I was napping with Ava this afternoon, I was awoken with the words Mitch shared with my friend in her dream last night; “I'm here, I've been here, I'm making it happen.” As I awoke each time from my nap, I felt these words were answering questions to my underlying concerns about our finances. When it comes to any concern we may be having, all we can really do is “make it happen” as best we can on our end of things, and leave the rest up to what some might call fate, the divine, or the angels orchestrating things in the wings. I know there are many skeptics who might read my words and scoff, and say we make our own destiny, and that invisible angels guiding us along is like something out of a child's fairy tale... But in my heart, I know there are mysteries, miracles, and divinities guiding us along, that come from both within ourselves and from outside of ourselves. And to the skeptics, I can just smile and say, well, we will all see for ourselves someday, won't we? And for now, we can simply live and let live.