Birthdays; a cause for celebration

On the eve of my 31st Birthday, Birthdays have taken on a much different meaning for me...Birthdays used to be the cause of angst each year as I got older, what am I going to do to make it special? Who will I spend it with? And heaps of pressure about how to make it “perfect,” and a measure of how much I was loved by others...And I hear plenty of friends dreading the coming of their Birthdays for a variety of reasons, fear of getting older and closer to dying, a reminder of dreams lost or forgotten, a reminder of the decline of their youthful appearance, or a general sadness or nostalgia of times past... On the eve of this particular Birthday, my first Birthday without Mitch, I decide to honor the sacredness of life, and celebrate the completion of another year past, and celebrate the start of a new year, pregnant (literally) with possibilities :) A day of a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical cleansing, welcoming the renewal of another year to create a loving, meaningful, and joyous existence. I welcome life with open arms on my 31st Birthday!