Why NOW is the Best Time to Enjoy Your Life!

So, I realized that as much as I loved the final outcome of teaching workshops and online courses, that my process, the route I was taking to get there sucked! I was stressing and worrying throughout the process, so much so that it was deterring me from creating new offerings! And so, I visioned out the entire process for each facet of my business, my workshops, my online courses, my marketing, my writing etc. I asked myself the question, how do I want to feel throughout each of these processes? How do I want to experience each process from start to finish? And honestly, a majority of our time spent is process-oriented, rather than outcome-oriented! I mean the achievements and the outcomes are these tiny little snippets of time, in comparison to how much time it takes to get to each outcome and achievement!

So, how are you spending your time getting from point A to point B? Cause honestly, that makes up a majority of your life. How do you want to spend your time journeying through life? Because that is a choice you make, EVERYDAY. Everyday you have the freedom to choose. And NOW is the best time, so you don't go on wasting any more time. Time is a precious commodity!

And the worries and stresses I was feeling around each offering I created? I decided that until I fully accepted my mission in life, which is to fully be myself and help others, well, then I would be continuously getting in my own way! And my mission in life was so much bigger than me, and expanded so far beyond my own fears and doubts.

And I think it’s that way for each of us too! We all have a mission to fulfill while we are here, and when we’re in alignment with our mission, we’re more joyful, we’re more expansive, we’re more authentic, we’re more giving, and we’re more loving. But so often, our insecurities, our worries, and our addictions distract us from fully embracing what it is we’re here to do!

Here is a bit of inspiration for you from my angel cards, and it has helped me so much when my mission has seemed unclear, “Don’t worry about finding your purpose. Instead, focus upon serving a purpose, and then your purpose will serve you.”

Journal Prompting

Envision your ideal process to get to one of the goals in your life right now, what does that process look like and feel like?

How can you best serve a purpose in your life right now, in your family, your partnership, your work, and in your community?

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