6 Practices to Bring You Back Down to Earth.

This week has been so full of awesome happenings! My sister-in-law and baby nephew have been staying at our house, I’ve got all kinds of exciting work projects in-process, I’m taking an 8-week business course, and I met someone who has my heart beating fast (which I’ll expand on in another blog…)! It’s also been full of happenings that have been leaving me feeling a bit ungrounded… Like my car has been at the dealership while it gets a new engine (luckily I have a warranty and a paid rental car), and I’ve been out of my bedroom since I gave my room to my sister-in-law and nephew (which I was and am happy to do). When it comes to feeling the Earth beneath my feet, I’ve been a bit all over the place this week.

So, last night after a bedtime of kids crying, fighting with each other and screaming, and an overly exhausted mom yelling at her kids out of desperation to get things calm (which soooo does not work), I realized, whoa, I need to get grounded! So, how do you get grounded when you’re being swept off your feet, or when sh*t happens, or when life just seems to be moving at a break-neck speed?

Here are 6 practices that have the power to bring me back down to Earth:

1. The evening ritual. Oh, yes, the way you end the day, the loving practices that you usually do, that you neglect to do when you’ve got family in town, or when you’re going out a little more than you usually do, or when you’re so slammed with work… Those are the practices you need to bring back when you’re feeling all over the place. For me, some of my evening rituals include drinking tea, meditating, writing, and working on my business. And so last night, after the crazy bedtime full of overly tired kids crying, screaming, and teasing each other, and an overly exhausted mom, I brought back some of my grounding evening rituals. And I started to feel more grounded and calm almost immediately, even amidst all of the happening in my life.

2. The morning ritual. Oh, yes, which for me includes a healthy breakfast, a few breaths of gratitude and an intention for the day, and drinking lots of water.

3. Coming back to deep breaths. Yes, deep breaths, and the mindset that I practice cultivating during meditation. The power of deeply inhaling, and exhaling is an amazing tool to bring you right back to your calm inner-center.

4. Prioritizing. When there’s so much going on, the power of getting really clear on what’s most important to curb the feeling of overwhelm is so important, and can be so incredibly helpful.

5. Nature. Getting myself out and into nature with my kids or solo gives me the perspective I need and the grounding too. There’s just something about being with trees, an open sky, or a body of water.

6. Exercise. Ahh yes, I went for a walk the other evening after the kiddos had gone to sleep now that the weather is warming up, and wow, it was so rejuvenating. Feeling the cool air on my skin, looking up at the stars and the moon, and getting a little cardio in definitely helps me to feel more connected to myself.


Journal Prompting:

What are some practices that you do for yourself, that have the power to reconnect you to yourself?

What are some practices that help you feel grounded and calm, when there is a lot happening in your life?

Please feel free to share your special practices that you do, that are most helpful for you in getting yourself centered and grounded in the comments section. :)

Lots of love to you as you get Earth bound!