Dream BIG!

Photo by coventryautomatik.com

Photo by coventryautomatik.com

I have dreams of moving to Northern California. In fact, Northern California has been calling my name for some time now. And for some time now, that is what I’ve been focused on, Northern California, Northern California, Northern California…  And wrapped up in Northern California, were so many hopes and dreams. Freedom, small community school for Ava’s kindergarten, and lots of nature to name a few… I decided to get very pro-active about creating the stable means to be able to do it, instead of just being so wrapped up in the dream. 

And I finally had the energy to really focus on my business. I decided to seriously invest in growing my business and learning more about marketing my online courses, workshops, and life coaching. I enrolled in an 8-week online business course, called B-School. And whoa! Only three weeks in, and there’s been some serious shifting happening!

Interestingly, once I enrolled in B-school, and was committed to seriously growing my business, I became less Northern California preoccupied. It was still my big dream, but my focus had shifted from the future to the present. I began doing all of the things in the present that were necessary to making my big dreams happen in the future. And I lost the sense of urgency about how soon I would make my move, and began to trust that it would all happen at the right time. I had been able to say those words before, “I trust Northern California will happen at the right time,” but I most certainly didn’t feel it in my heart. But I felt the trust now, and I was enjoying my life as it was in the present.

I was having fun and super focused on building my business, and suddenly realizing all of the freedom I was able to enjoy because I had my mom and mother-in-law to help with watching my girls. And since I lived three minutes walking distance to the beach, I had lots of nature just nearly outside my door. And the small community school I was seeking for Ava? A public Montessori charter school opened up behind our house a few months ago, and Ava’s name had been drawn in the lottery! And guess what, it was a six minute walk to her school, and attached to that was a Montessori pre-school for my little one, Amelie…

 So, the lesson in all of this? Northern California is like my lighthouse, but all of the work I need to do in order to make it happen is beautiful and amazing, and well worth all of my energy and attention. My gosh, by being so focused on my dream, I was failing to see what I needed to do right here and right now in order to move closer to that dream! And honestly, the freedom, the small community school, and lots of nature were all right here. All right in front of my nose. And when I finally let go of the anxious attachment I had to making my dream of Northern California happen, and simply settled into doing all of the work it would take to get there comfortably, all of things I was seeking began to happen right here, and right now. So go on and dream BIG, and then start taking steps to move closer to that dream, and enjoy your beautiful life just as it is right now!


Journal Prompting:

What is your BIG dream?

What action can you take to move closer to your dream?

And what does your dream symbolize (Examples: Freedom, community, love?) And how can you cultivate these qualities with exactly where you are in your life right now?

What support do you need to take it to the next level? Do you need a life coach, a therapist, a business coach, a special course, or further education?