Kids First Disney Adventure!

The kids first Disneyland experience just happened! It was one of those things, Disneyland was a place that Mitch wanted to take the kids, and so after he died, the idea of Disneyland just seemed sad. And so, three years later, I see one of his best friends, who just happens to have a great hook-up to go to Disneyland, who offers to take us… The dream of Disneyland: resurrected! We had a blast and it was the closest to experiencing Disneyland, “Mitch style,” that I could have imagined.  It was magical and wonderful and another “first” without Mitch that we all made it through. I cried a little on the way home, but mostly felt grateful for all the seen and unseen rays of love and light, that seemed to show up at just the right times. The kids had an amazing day, and got to know their dad in a whole new way by spending time with a friend who loved him. Open your heart to receiving joy into your life today! And how can you offer kindness and joy to someone else? It could very well make their whole day, or week, or even their whole month!