Awaken. Envision. Release. Three words that have guided, supported, and inspired me…

Three words, Awaken, Envision, Release, are words that have guided, supported, and inspired my process of growth as I evolve and expand on my path through life.

Three words to describe my process of healing from the grief I experienced after my husband’s death. When he died, in an instant, I was awakened to the impermanence of this life, never having lost anyone close to me, death was just not a part of my lived reality, and then I awakened to the spiritual world in a very real way. I envisioned myself making peace with death, mending my broken heart over losing my love. And release, I had lots and lots to let go of in the process of finding peace, of accepting the ending of our love story.

Three words to name a process, to guide the evolution of continued growth.  Awakening to my inner-power, my willingness to lead, to all the knowing I’ve learned over the years.  Envisioning the creation of workshops and courses to share with others, begin to build a financial platform to be the provider for my family.  And release, the thoughts telling me I can’t, the feeling of not being good enough... And again and again, a process to facilitate the realization of our greatest potential.

Awakening through practices of awareness, meditation, reflective and contemplative journaling, to the thoughts, the feelings, the embodied experience, and to the higher consciousness, the Spirit, the power, presence, love, and knowing that is within us all. And envisioning a life that lights us up inside, one in which we feel at home in, the kind of life we dream up in daydreaming, and vision mapping that touch all areas of our experience, in relationship, in body, in thought, in feeling, in action. Consciously choosing how it is we wish to live, how it is we wish to serve others while sharing our gifts, talents, and passions. Envisioning is a process dedicated to living with purpose and fulfillment. It’s living with gratitude for each moment of aliveness and sharing that with others. And release, ahhh, the letting go, of the thoughts, the feelings, the behaviors that hinder us on our journey, that cause us pain or suffering, that keep us separate from others. Yes, it’s in the release that we become lighter, more free, more clear. Good-bye letters and rituals, embodied feeling to promote healing, and choosing. Choosing to let go and step into the realm of possibility.

Local Southern Californians, join me on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Yoga Bergamot in Encinitas for a workshop on Awakening, Envisioning, and Releasing, to live a more conscious, intentional, and liberated life.

My intention for this workshop is that you will walk away having awoken something in you that was seeking expression. That you will have tapped into a greater capacity to love, to know, to be present, and to feel empowered. That you will have new practices to remember and cultivate this awakening in your daily life. That you can more clearly see the direction of your future, and that you can more clearly know what you want, who you are, and what you want to spend your time doing and being in life. And that you will have let something go that needed to go, or that you will have begun the process and have the tools to continue on releasing in your daily life.  

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