Connect to our spiritual center and feel the flow.

Lately, I realize I've been stressing about all that I want to achieve... books to write, spiritual therapy private practice to build, workshops and retreats to create, that I've gotten a bit away from how I want to be... joyful, playful, at ease, at peace, loving, patient, free... this quiet space of pure at “homeness” within ourselves amidst moving, job changes, money struggles, family arguments, busy child rearing, is exactly that, within ourselves, just thoughts, and feelings away from this present moment no matter what is happening around us. The space within of pure beingness, pure spirit, where truth lies, where love and understanding are at the heart of all that is happening. I connect to this place when I meditate on Krishna, or when I sing a heart-opening mantra, when I do yoga with intention, when I remember the loving teachings of Jesus in my relationships, when I see the beauty of life all around me when I take time to breathe under the stars or marvel at the majesty of the ocean, when I play with my babies, when I creatively express, when I consciously release tension from my body, when I connect to God as the peace and trust I feel in my heart... all the rest flows as it should. What helps bring you back to your spiritual center and how can you practice this in your daily life?