Praise for Alexandria Romero

" I gained a new outlook, much more self confidence and acceptance. I developed a truly intimate relationship with my wife with the help of this course. Keep being you! This was magical as are you. Your love and passion exudes from all aspects of this course. It is a true labor of love and it shows! Thanks so much!" 

-Todd Cribbs, Costa Rica                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yoga Instructor

"Alexandria is a truly authentic soul whose spirit and passion for her work shines in her online course Awaken, Envision, Release. Her program left me feeling more present in my daily life by means of daily meditation, intention setting & journaling. This course is for anyone and everyone. I highly recommend it. Thank you Alexandria!"

-Loren Boyd, TX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yoga Instructor

"Thank you for such an enlightening afternoon. I am so very grateful for your direction and I look forward to creating a daily practice to help me stay centered to my true self. I would love to keep you posted on my progress. I can't thank you enough for your unconditional love in a world that feels like its full of so many conditions. I gained a lot of spiritual insight yesterday and I would love to attend your next class, and continue the awakening journey with your online version as well."

~Kasie Uyeno, San Bernadino, CA
Mananger for non-profit organization


"I really enjoyed your workshop today! I feel inspired by your guidance. You have a gift of guiding people on a healthy path and I am so grateful!"

~Lindsay Lawbaugh, San Diego, CA
Massage Therapist


"Alexandria has deep insights, is extremely loving, and is not afraid to challenge her clients to take it to the next level. I highly recommend her services."

~Brooke Nachazel, Los Angeles, CA
Yoga Teacher & AMP; Marriage Family Therapist


"Alexandria leads with her heart and will surely show you the way to yours. Healing your body, mind and soul is the way to true happiness and Alexandria is more than equipped to help you with your journey. I highly recommend her services to all!"

~Marie Cote, Encinitas, CA
Holistic Lifestyle Coach


"Alexandria is a warm-hearted soul. Her sincerity is palpable, even if you have never met her. She is smart and beautiful (inside and out) and her positive energy is contagious. I look forward to working with Alexandria and you should too!"

~Shina Hopkins, Orange County, CA
Certified Public Accountant


"While living in Costa Rica in 2008-2009, I was blessed to meet a truly spirited couple sharing divine love, Mitch and Alexandria. As profoundly gifted as these two individuals were together, my story to tell is not of them...rather my story to share is one of gratitude and profound transformation with the professional guidance of Alexandria. In 2009, while living in Costa Rica, Alexandria began her journey in Transpersonal Psychology. It was at that time that she graciously worked with me (gratis) as a Transpersonal Guide-years before she earned her Master's degree, formal training and credentials as a Transpersonal Psychologist from an accredited university. While guided by her, it became clearly evident to me that her journey as a leader in transpersonal guidance is a gift and talent bestowed upon her. And I became fortunate enough to share a bit of space in time while she, accompanied by her soulmate Mitch, began to embark on her journey to help others."

~Rochelle L. Mitterwald, CA
M.A. Philosophy and Religion


"Alexandria is a person who gives her true authentic self to each individual she meets. She embodies all of the elements required of a transpersonal therapist, and will help those in need come to a true realization of who they are, where they want to be, and how they will go about achieving it. She always speaks from her heart and strongly encourages others to reach from within their inner core, as well. I highly recommend her for any therapeutic services."

~Ramsey Ali, Berkeley, CA
Marriage and Family Therapist intern