Online Course: 21 Days of Falling in Love with Yourself! August 1st-21st


Online Course: 21 Days of Falling in Love with Yourself! August 1st-21st


Now is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself!

Why now?

Because the time has come to fill your own cup. When you're filled with love, then love is what you've got to give to the people and the causes that are most important to you.

This course will help you reconnect with your beautiful and powerful inner-voice, it will help you to get clear on how to be your most radiant self, and it will help you develop practices that have you focusing on love everyday.

Falling in love with yourself means seeing and fully receiving the blessings that are unfolding or already present in your life. It means being as happy in your real life, as you are in your facebook and instagram pictures and posts.

Cause you deserve to feel as good on the inside, as it all looks from the outside.

And falling in love with yourself means giving all of your experiences and feelings a voice, even the painful ones. It means honoring the whole of your experience and making a commitment to learning, growing, and loving through all of it.

And with all the turmoil in the world presently, falling in love with yourself means getting really clear on your strengths and your passions, so that you can make a difference in a way that is most meaningful and authentic to you.

Register now to begin the 3-week journey that begins August 1st, and receive meditations, journaling prompts, and exercises sent directly to your inbox daily (5-days per week) to create more love in your everyday life.

You'll complete the work in your own time, from the comfort of your own home in one hour a day or less, and with the support of our online group of course participants, and through email correspondence and office hours with me.

You will finish the course with a plan of action along with the necessary tools to continue growing and cultivating love everyday.

You will love this course, and if you don't, as long as you can show me that you did all of the daily work, you can have a full refund.

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