Experiential Kit. Invite Illumination.

Welcome to Luna Soul Speak's Experiential Kit, Invite Illumination. In this experience you will listen to a guided meditation to help you step into the flow of your spirit, engage in self-reflective journaling, experience authentic movement, and create a daily spiritual practice. For this to be a meaningful experience, create a space where you can be in solitude for one, two, or three hours, a space where you can be free to express, to move, to emote, a space where you are free to think and feel for yourself. And have a journal or notebook ready, a pen, wear comfy clothes, and separate yourself from phone or internet distractions. This is a time to be with yourself, to experience yourself, to root down in truth, to rise up with soul's call and dreaming. Awaken to your life as a spiritual journey. Envision and cultivate a way of being that is in awareness and harmony with the sacredness of your life. Attune to your inner guidance, loves, talents, and natural beauty way so that you may live your life according to your personal truth. Release what holds you from living a joyful life full of meaning and purpose. Journey with me and explore a deepened connection to yourself.

15 Minute Guided Meditation. Awaken. Envision. Release.


Journal Reflection Prompt Upon Completion of the Guided Meditation

After having experienced Awaken, Envision, and Release Meditation, journal about your experience. Write for at least 15 minutes if you can, allow yourself to get into a writing flow of expression and reflection. Answer any of the journal prompt questions that speak to you. What was your experience like? Did you receive any insights, truth, or knowing? What images, body sensations, feelings did you experience? Having sat with your truth, what is it that you would like to cultivate? What quality of being would you like to experience more of as a part of your reality? How would you like to transform, to evolve, to experience some aspect of your life moving forward? Perhaps through sitting you have unearthed deep feelings of discontentment, your eyes are tired, your soul feels weary, your heart feels achy and sad. Or perhaps through sitting, you realize how much you are craving solitude, peace, and quiet. What is it that you would like to invite into your life to experience more joy, more love, more patience, more gratitude, more acceptance, more passion, more peace, more quiet (or whatever it is that feels like good medicine for your heart right now?) what do you need to release in order to invite in this new experience?


Authentic Movement

In this experiential activity, you will create a space where you are free to move safely and freely. A space where you do not have to feel at all “self conscious.” In authentic movement, you allow your body to move from the inside out. You allow your body to express, to move freely, to feel, to be, without judgement or censorship, but with compassion, curiosity, and observation. You can move with eyes closed, or with a soft gaze with or without music accompanying you. You can choose to freely move for about 10-15 minutes or longer, and after you finish the exercise, journal about your experience. Or you may choose to specifically move through a challenge you are currently experiencing, a “dark night.” Allow your body to express this dark night through movement, and slowly allow yourself to transform your dark night into light and healing.You can also choose to do this exercise with a partner, each taking turns being witness to the others authentic movement, being sure to honor each others process without analyzing the others movements. In partnership, this is an exercise in not only allowing your body to freely express, but also in allowing yourself to truly be seen. In partnership you can share the experience of being witness and mover both, and share only your own experience without analyzing your partner's experience. What were your movements like? Slow, fast, big, small, expanded, restricted, heavy, light, fluid, stifled? How did you feel while allowing your body to move? Self-conscious, fearful of losing control, free and light, sad, angry, peaceful, frustrated?  If you choose to move through your dark night, journal about your experience keeping these questions in mind as well as the previous questions: What were your movements like while expressing your dark night? How did your movements change as you consciously moved toward light and transformation? How did you feel at the start of this activity, and did movement shift your feelings upon completion? Journal about anything else that surfaced for you, or that you noticed or observed about yourself, about your body, or about movement. Click on the youtube video for a brief demonstration.


Daily Intention as a Spiritual Practice

Practice creating a daily intention to support your spiritual journey, your growth, your beingness. When you first wake up in the morning, allow yourself to stay in that quiet space for a few moments or minutes, or before you fall asleep at night, and ask yourself what word or short phrase would best guide you and align with you with your most beautiful day. A word that reminds you of your sacredness, that reminds you of your connection to Spirit, that guides, that transforms, that teaches. Allow yourself to be drawn to a word or phrase that feels like a breath of fresh air, that feels like clarity, that feels like good medicine, a word of phrase that you can come back to throughout your day, an intention aligned with your highest good. Once your intention feels clear, say it to yourself, allow your body to feel it, to respond to it, to experience it. And come back to this intention throughout your day. Notice how this affects the quality of your day. Journal about this practice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your sacred process, your beautiful journey. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a private session if you'd like further support. I will also be offering a more extensive online experiential to Invite Illumination, details to come. Have a beautiful day.


Blessings on your journey!

Alexandria Romero