Alexandria Romero, Course Instructor & Founder of LunaSoulSpeak.  Photo & Styling by

Alexandria Romero, Course Instructor & Founder of LunaSoulSpeak.
 Photo & Styling by

FAQ's: Awaken, Envision, Release, Online Course.


Q: I haven't meditated much, is this course right for me?


A: The course will offer a variety of guided meditations designed for participants of all levels, for both the seasoned meditator and the meditator who is just getting their feet wet. The meditations in the course are designed to guide and facilitate a particular process of awakening, envisioning, or releasing, and participants will have the opportunity to delve as deeply as they wish into the experience.


Q: What should I expect to gain from participating in this course ?

A: Through the completion of the coursework, you will have new tools to help you:

  • grow through adversity, and embrace the lessons you are meant to learn through those challenges.
  • practice greater presence in your daily life.
  • develop a daily practice of radical self-love, of body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • gain a greater clarity of purpose and vision for both your inner and outer goals.
  • listen to your inner-guidance.
  • identify and let go of what you're ready to say good-bye to.


Q: Is there a particular time I need to "show up" for coursework, and do I receive all coursework when I register for the course ?

A: You will begin receiving coursework on the first day that the course begins, July 27th. You will receive each days coursework, Monday through Friday, sometime around midnight PST (the night before) to your email inbox. You will receive writing prompts and experiential activities, which will be yours to keep. You will also receive links to a password protected webpage on LunaSoulSpeak to access audio meditations or video, which you will have access to for the entire duration of the course and for 3 weeks after the final day of the course. There will be optional participation on a private facebook group page, where participants will have the choice to share or not (writings, process, coursework experiences) when they feel moved to do so.  


Q: Who will benefit from taking this course?

A: This course will benefit those who are:

  • in life transitions, who are redefining who they are and are seeking greater clarity as they navigate through new territory.
  • feeling unfulfilled and searching for greater meaning in their lives.
  • feeling uninspired and stuck in old ways of thinking, behaving, or feeling.
  • moving at a breakneck speed through life who want to learn how to slow down, smell the roses, enjoy their lives, and their loved ones.
  • seeking more balance and connection.
  • drawn to this course, for reasons known or not...