Honoring our body's natural flow as a spiritual practice

The past few days, my body has been tired, so instead of trying to resist what was happening by feeling guilty for my lowered energy and pushing harder to “do, do, do,” I decided to tune into what my decrease in energy was trying to communicate to me. Through my fatigue, my body was telling me of my need to direct my energy inward rather than outward to rejuvenate. My energy had been scattered about, worrying about meeting the demands of multiple projects on my “to-do” list, getting caught in a depressive cycle of thoughts about the loss of my husband, and adjusting to a new schedule with my daughter starting pre-school. So, I decided to attune to the things and thoughts that were creating energy rather than depleting energy, and offer myself some grace as I moved through various life transitions. So, this week, I have redirected my focus to myself and my daughter and being present and patient with her, creative journaling, spending more time at home, connecting with loving friends, putting my energy into projects that I feel inspired to work on rather than trying trying to tackle all of them at once, taking a nap when I need to or going to bed earlier when I feel extra tired, and ultimately going with my natural flow with compassion and understanding. How can you honor your body's wisdom this week and be more nurturing and attuned to your body's natural flow?