Welcome to the home of Transpersonal Guide. My name is Alexandria Romero and I'll be your spiritual health practitioner on your journey to explore and embrace your truest self, to feel and heal wounds from the past that affect your present, to seek spiritual unity with your soul and the soul within all of life, to find inner-peace and inner-guidance, and to expand with love.

I will accompany you on your journey in the healing natural environment of Costa Rica in my outdoor yoga shala nestled in the rainforest, or in the comfort of your own home by telephone or skype. Together we will explore your depths and heights through meditation, movement, creative expression, communion with nature, journaling, life affirmations, and honest dialogue.

My intention is that through our work together, you will be more aligned with your sense of purpose, experience more peace and love in your relationships, possess a greater ability to manage stress more effectively with decreased anxiety, depression, and hostility, feel a greater sense of interconnection to the spirit within yourself and all around you, and experience greater acceptance of those things in life that are beyond your control.