One Year and Smoke-Free!

It’s been one year of being tobacco-free. One year of being tobacco-free that was unrelated to a pregnancy or to breast-feeding. This one year of being tobacco-free, it was for me. It was an act of self-love.


I was tired of being in conflict with myself over smoking.


Cause damn, I had quit many times before, but had always found myself back in relationship to those cigarettes. We’d had a long, long relationship to one another. And so letting go of that relationship required me to cultivate a new relationship- with myself.


I chose to honor my highest good. I chose to show myself an act of love everyday. But before I was able to simply let go,  embrace myself, and embrace a newfound loving relationship with myself, I had to do the work of letting go. The work involved getting quiet and breathing through the want, the hunger that drove me to reach out for those cigarettes, again and again, even after I had said enough is enough. The work involved writing the stories of what had brought us together in the first place and what it would mean to really say good-bye. I had to grieve the ending of that relationship. I had to create new rituals where there had been the ritual of smoking.


The 2-week online course, “Let It Go! 2 weeks of self-exploration, meditation, and journaling to free yourself from a bad habit!” was born out of my process of letting go of my 20-year relationship to cigarettes. This course is 2 weeks of guided meditation, story-writing, and creating anew. It is filled with the practices that helped me to let go of my relationship to cigarettes, and embrace a more loving relationship with myself.


This course is for you if you’ve struggled with letting go of a bad habit. This course is for you if you’re ready to do the deep inner-work of letting go. And finally, this course is for you if you’re really ready to honor your highest good.


For 2 weeks, starting on January 30th, straight to your inbox, you’ll receive meditations and writing prompts that will guide you through the process of doing this meaningful work of letting go. You’ll be in communication with me via email when you get stuck and need a little extra support, or when you you’ve had an aha! moment and want to share. You’ll be a part of an amazing private fb group of participants, who you can share those challenges and triumphs with as well.


If this course resonates for you, click here to read more and get registered.


Sometimes you just have to say YES to life! Look forward to visiting your inbox! Please feel free to email me with any specific questions about the course at


Much Love!


Alexandria Romero